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Vahid Jahandari

Iranian contemporary composer Vahid Jahandari, studied Composition at Art University of Tehran and University of Texas Butler School of Music. He is currently employed as a teaching assistant at the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies (AET).

ahandari's music incorporates a wide range of influences from Persian folk music to avant-garde Western art music to electronic music. His portfolio of instrumental compositions includes works for electronic media, mixed chamber ensembles, symphonic orchestra, wind ensemble, choir and solo instruments. Jahandari's primary influences are derived from Persian literature, although he incorporates these with his own unique style. In some cases, he purposefully conflicts different musical genres by juxtaposing them within the same piece to create new musical effects. He is an avid follower of Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, Charles Ivas and Steve Reich, Thomas Ades and Arvo Pärt.


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