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Thomas B. Yee's musical birthplace was the orchestra, having performed or written for the orchestra since his elementary school years. He has carried his love of orchestration into his work as a Composer, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences with his orchestrated film scores and concert music alike. His chamber pieces have also been given praise and awarded recognition for their clarity, color, and pristine fusion of sound and scene. His work is not just an exercise in skill and technique, but a vivid and intoxicating medium of storytelling itself. As the most versatile instrument of all, Thomas uses the sheer power of music to resonate with the heart and unravel vivid scenes and stories before the ears of his listeners.

Possessing a solid musical foundation with a strong background in classical composition, Thomas has received multiple honors and featured performances during his education at Pepperdine University. He was selected as a Pickford Composer in 2013-2014 and received the "Outstanding Music Student Award" from the Pepperdine Music Department upon his graduation. His score for the short film "Currency" received the "Best Score" award at the Pepperdine Media Arts Showcase 2013, and the film won the overall Grand Prize award at the Reel Stories Film Festival 2013. In August 2013, the Mary Pickford Foundation approached Thomas to compose a new score to a classic, "So Near, Yet So Far," starring silent film legend Mary Pickford, and the piece was performed publicly to picture in April 2014. Since then, Thomas has scored two indie feature films, titled “The Light of Freedom” and “Wings of the Wind.” In May 2015, Thomas was selected as the winner of the Collegiate division of the Texas Young Composers’ Project Composition Competition for his work for solo Flute, “Kristallnacht.” Kristallnacht was also a Finalist in the Keane State College 2015 Composition Competition. He was also selected to take part in the Source Song Festival 2015 with Libby Larsen for his Art Song "Among the Multitude," though he was regrettably unable to attend. He is currently pursuing graduate studies in Composition at the Butler School of Music within the University of Texas at Austin.

Specializing in Percussion and Large Ensemble concert works as well as scores for films of all kinds, Thomas continues to add works of concert and film music to his collection and welcomes any and all interest in performing his works.

Feel free to contact him at and learn more about his music at You may also check out his Soundcloud at and Youtube at


Short Bio: "Some composers found their love of music at the symphony hearing Brahms or Beethoven—Thomas discovered his from the 8-bit beeps and boops of the family Super Nintendo. Though his musical adventures have since broadened from slaying virtual dragons, he has carried the music’s power of narrative with him ever since. Whether exploring what outer space might sound like, depicting the Hero’s Journey with the colors of the orchestra, or fighting against genocide with the song of the mythological Leviathan, Thomas strives to connect with listeners’ hearts through musical storytelling. In addition to composing, he reads and listens to analytic philosophy (often at the same time!) and can frequently be found cooking restaurant-worthy cuisine with his wife Tori. He dreams of collecting all the world’s pens that have unconventional features—though he frequently has to start from square one when they fall out of his pockets."

Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, George Gershwin, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Philip Glass, Nobuo Uematsu, Bill Evans, Frank Ticheli, Kevin Puts
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Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Marching Band
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Transcending notes on pages — Pursuing music that matters, changing listeners

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DMA, Composition
Fort Worth, Texas
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B.A. Music Composition and B.A. Creative Writing — Pepperdine University, 2014


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