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Carlos A. Rios

Raised in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Carlos emigrated (legally) to the US in the year 2005. A year before moving to the US, Carlos began playing the guitar. He joined a small group of young men, who performed old Mexican love songs for special school occasions, and some minor local cultural events. He also took piano lessons for a year with Don Antonio Mendoza, not very popular or famous, but an extremely good teacher of music whom all of Carlos’ previous music instructors revered.

In the US, Carlos never joined band since his ESL (English as Second Language) courses conflicted with the schedule. Instead of joining band, he exploited his musical talents by playing the electric guitar for about 3-5 hours a day everyday for all of his high school career.

Carlos got accepted to the University of Texas as a Psychology major. After his second year, he applied for the undergrad composition program at UT, and by a great divine power he got accepted.

Carlos’ entrance into the music scene as a composer was his small chamber work Tango Transfigurations performed at the 2nd and last CLUTCH concert of the Spring 2011 semester.

Pretty much everything I hear, from Mahler to Radiohead to Mozart to the sound of the fan above me...
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Chamber works including classical guitar.

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Bachelor of Music, Composition


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