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Jared Beu

Jared Beu (b. August 3, 1993), a musician and composer from Austin, Texas, is currently pursuing a degree in music composition at the University of Texas at Austin’s Butler School of Music.

Jared has played piano since he was 6 years old and began composing music at the same age. He also plays saxophone, marching percussion, bassoon and bass clarinet.

As a composer, Jared has written for solo instruments and chamber ensembles as well as for wind ensemble and orchestra. Jared’s first and second compositions for orchestra, “Toward Sky’s End” (2010) and “Affirmation” (2011), were selected as winning entries in the Austin Symphony Orchestra’s 1st & 2nd Annual Young Composers Contests. His pieces have also been performed by groups including the Mid-Texas Symphony, Flint Symphony Orchestra, Heart of Texas Concert Band, Central Texas Civic Trombone Choir, McNeil High School Wind Ensemble, MHS Sax Quartet, and at the Wisconsin-Superior Tri-State Honor Band Festival. Jared recently received his first commission from the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Jared also occasionally enjoys creating electronic music and drumline cadences.

Jared has written arrangements, mainly for saxophone ensemble and band. He created new band arrangements of Luigi Bassi’s “Fantasia da Concerto” (on themes from Verdi’s Rigoletto) and Alamiro Giampieri’s “Il Carnevale di Venezia” for clarinet and piano, both premiered by the McNeil High School Wind Ensemble. Jared’s various arrangements for saxophone ensemble have been sold and performed throughout the United States and internationally.

Besides his work as a musician, Jared enjoys amateur astronomy, frequently using his Orion SkyQuest XT12g telescope. He enjoys playing dancing games (namely Dance Dance Revolution and Pump it Up), eating sushi, and watching Futurama. Jared is a member of ASCAP.

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Chamber, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble

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Bachelor of Music, Composition
Austin, Texas


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